Step 1: Get a Website

Regardless of the type of website you wish to create, the first step is, obviously, to get set up with the equipment and services you need to be able to create a website. This means, first and foremost, choosing a web host. Ready to jump right in? Then click here to sign up with our recommended webhost. Otherwise, read on for some additional information.

What's a Webhost?

A web host is simply a company that has computers (known as web servers) connected to the internet that allows other computers to access certain data (webpages) from it. This can be somewhat likened to opening a restaurant. You can either start from scratch and build the entire thing yourself, or purchase a franchise where everything is already setup for you and ready to go.

Yes, you can build your own web server, connect it via your own high-speed lines, set up the software, etc. etc. But if you don't have the knowledge to build a web server (or the money to buy the hardware, sotware, and high-speed lines), then using the services of a web host is your best option. With a webhost, you're basically renting out their equipment and they allow you to put data on their servers which can then be served up to the internet public.

Which Web Host Do I Use?

We've used a lot of different web hosts in our time (our first website went public in 1999). As such, considering all things that our students might want or need in a web host, including things like cost and ease of setup and use, we have chosen a favorite webhost that we've used often and currently trust to be able to do the job for probably 99.5% of our students.

And that web host is Bluehost. Feel free to shop around, but all lessons going forward will assume you have signed up with shared hosting through Bluehost.

Ready to make that first step? Then click here to be taken to the Bluehost sign up page.

If you're a bit nervouse about doing so, take a look at the walkthrough video below to see exactly what you can expect.

Now That You've Got a Webhost...

Now it's time to create some content that we can engage our visitors with. Select the type (or nearest to the type you've chosen) from the links below to get started:

Naturally, these don't cover every possible way to make money online, but they cover the most common and the majority of methods for making money are going to be very similar to one of these three methods. If the method you want to use is not exactly like one of the three above, choose the one that is closest. If you get into it and you're not quite getting what you need, you can always return to this page and select a different path.

New Entrepreneur's Guide

Imagine: no more punching a time clock. No more working to pad someone else's paycheck. Every last effort you put forth is 100% for you and no one else.

The first step is to make the decision to strike it out on your own. If you've made that decision, we can help you obtain your goal.

We use the power of the internet and World Wide Web to help us get there. Take a look at our articles for new internet entrepreneurs.

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